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Hi People! ūüôā

I am here to have a quick discussion with you guys on ‘Friends With Benefits’. This seems like this topic or situation is coming up a little more than expected. What made me want to talk about it with you guys is that I came across this video on YouTube, while I was doing my daily browsing as usual. Anyways, I have been following this person on YouTube for a while, his name is Ricky Shucks and he has been making YouTube videos for a while now. But he just came up with this little segment called “The Poon & the Peen” with¬†Shan Boodram. They focus on Sex and Relationships etc.,¬†hearing both of their sides on different topics are very insightful. But back to topic, friends with benefits is something that I did consider with a guy that I was talking to way back when. Lol. But I have friends that are in this situation or some that don’t even know it or have been in this situation and got hurt emotionally from this. I am just going to give you my insight on this topic.¬†If the sex is not any different from your pervious relationship than it’s NOT worth it. Find a guy or girl that is worth wild. You have to both be on the same page as to where you both stand in each others life, such as being good friends first or just throwing yourself in with a complete stranger you met from a bar. You both have to establish which is first the benefits or the friends part. Both have to be comfortable with still being friends, because once it’s over you guys still want to be cool in the end and not have things be awkward. Are you going to catch feelings in a mouth? We all now how this will go if the question is yes. Lol. (abort mission) I know it may seem easy when you just say it but have you guys seen The Movie Friends With Benefits??

Always say this to yourself if you see things going to the next level with your feelings. Lol.

Girls and some guys, just know that girl/guys will not stick to this forever (just know that). Because¬†if you want a relationship ,which doesn’t have to be with that person, you have to know what you want in LIFE. This goes for guys too. If you don’t know what you want in life your going to be confused in your future relationship(s). When you actually want to settle down and be with that one person, you want it to work so get your life together. One thing that I connected with in the video was when Rick said “If a dude really like you, you’ll never be friends with benefits”. Which I totally agree with. So if you want to watch the video it is below and comment you opinion on this topic and I’ll see if I agree with you one not. Lol


My New Favorite Snack

I have started my diet, and I came across these Vegan snacks called TRUE NORTH. They have No Trans Fat, Gluten Free and plus they are SUPER GOOD!! I wanted to start with the vegan snacks and work my way to eating vegan foods. I found out that they were really appetizing and fulfilling. I get full from eating only 5. I researched the company that makes this delicious snacks and come to find out, they only have three varieties. They have

ALMOND PECAN Crunch which is perfectly roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews that joins forces in these lightly sweetened nut clusters to provide you with the perfect balance of salty and sweet delicious snacking. Made with organic sugar, non-GMO ingredients and a touch of sea salt, these little bites are truly crave-worthy. They are also gluten free, vegan, non-dairy and an excellent source of Vitamin E to support your active lifestyle.

CHOCOLATE CRUNCH if¬†your a chocolate lover here’s your fix. Their¬†Chocolate Nut Crunch gives you that chocolate fix combined with the goodness of almonds, pecans, and cashews. These milk chocolate dipped nut clusters are great portable snacks with no artificial colors, no preservative, no trans fat, and no cholesterol.

The other one that they have out that I didn’t get was the CHASEW CRUNCH¬†are¬†crunchy roasted cashews are combined with crunchy rice crisps for an explosion of taste and texture. Simple vegan, gluten free, non-dairy, non-GMO ingredients with a hint of sea salt and organic sugar make this snack great nourishment to fuel your get up and go. You can probably enjoy at breakfast in your Greek yogurt or throw them in your car for quick and easy snacking.

I came across them by my daily ritual of going to WAWA and looking from some snacks for work. Since I’m on my little diet I’ve decided to look for some low fat snacks. It look me about 5 minutes to come across my newly beloved snacks.¬†These tasty bites are full of energy and protein, plus they‚Äôre portable for¬†any activity ‚Äď from your regular gym routine, to biking, hiking and camping.

Untitled 2¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬© 2016 ‚ÄstB&G Foods, Inc.¬†All Rights Reserved

I recommend these to anybody that loves to eat snacks all the time, because thats all I used to do. But now I can snack on these all day and not gain any weight.


Peace. Love. Happiness

Does Instagram Likes Bother You?

Hi People ūüôā

Ok. I was watching this video by these two guys from Brampton, Ontario. I found them about a year ago by just watching a vologger (a person who records their life), and their video was recommend. So I clicked on it and have been watching them ever since. They have a channel on YouTube called 4yallent, I’m telling you they’re HILARIOUS. But anyway back to the topic (wise words by J Cole), I went to their other channel where they have a round table and talk about random topics and one of them was about if it was ok for your girl to like guys pictures on Instagram?

While watching the discussion¬†I was talking to my best friend Leah!! Shoutout to her, she said “If your in a relationship the girl and the guy cannot like the opposite sex pictures on Instagram.” I respect her opinion but I think that it’s not a big deal if you like a guys picture or if your man likes another girls picture. I say that only because to me Instagram is not that serious nor do I find it intimating. If you’ve have been with a person for over a year you really shouldn’t be worried about if your man likes a random girl’s picture. Plus, If I fine a random guy attractive on Instagram and I like his picture that shouldn’t affect our relationship. But Leah argued¬†that being in a relationship you should only be liking your boyfriend of girlfriend’s pictures. I literally almost died from that statement. That’s like being on punishment and I have to only like my boyfriend’s pictures. That’s a no go. But commenting is a whole other story for another day. Social Media is a place where you shouldn’t be restricted from being you. Below is the video, watch it and tell me if it hurts you that you boyfriend or girlfriend likes other people pictures on Instagram.




New Music

There has been A LOT of music that has been released and I fell like I want to share some of the music I have been playing the most. Consider you guys privileged because I don’t really like revealing songs that I listen to, So I will only give you my top 5 tracks that I have been playing lately.

  1. Typical Jhene, she is giving me this soulful¬†vibe! I listen to this at night when I’m in the mood to set my man straight
  2. If you follow me on Snap, you know I play this all the time on my way home and it really gets me hype 
  3. This song I just got hooked too it’s nice¬†
  4. Featuring Chris Brown, I don’t have to say anything else¬†
  5. This is different PERIOD 

Happy Hump Day!!

Hi Lovely People!

Well today has been a very¬†shady / exciting day, wasn’t it? We had new music from the Queen Rihanna and Drake called ‘Work’, which was looooonnnnggg overdue. If you want to hear my opinion on the song, here’s what my step by step reaction

My reaction when I heard the song was coming out this morning @ 8am


And here was my reaction when I actually heard the song (while getting dressed for work) 200.gif



Just know that it’s definitely going to be played¬†24/7 till¬†summer.

In other shady news …

Kanye was at it again on twitter. He ranted about Wiz and his upcoming album ‘WAVES’ for hours on twitter (later deleted), only because Wiz was a little upset that Kanye changed his album from ‘SWISH’ to ‘WAVES’, So Kanye came after how if it wasn’t for him(Kanye) Wiz wouldn’t have a kid, and even brought up how he dresses better than Wiz. To me it was really not that serious for Kanye to be that upset¬†about Wiz’s opinion on the album change. But the only person I gave a standing ovation to was ¬†*Drumrolls* MUVA AMBER ROSE, her clapback was so shady¬†she just need one¬†CZwYtxJUUAAqa6q.png-large.png


I laughed so hard I really think I pulled a vocal cord. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed today more than I did.

Peace. Love. Abundance

The Snow In

Hi People! ūüôā

If you don’t know by now there is supposed to be this crazy snowstorm where there is an estimate of 15-20″ of snow. I understand that the news is supposed to warn us about the seriousness of any situation but they are take their privilege of giving us information. Like they are scaring these people that our houses are going to be buried by this snow. Everything is going to be alright people. The worst that can happen is that you might can open the door to shovel your car out for work on Monday lol. But that’s the worst that can actually happen. In Philly they are shutting down SEPTA (our public transportation) until Sunday @ 4pm smh. SMH

Here are some PROS of getting snowed in this weekend:

1) Get to drink all the Hot Chocolate you want for FREE!!!


3) Netflix & Chill for two days straight, No interruptions

4) Snuggled up with your boo (the fortunate ones)

Here are the CONS:

1) Bored out of your mind the first few hours on Saturday

2) Gonna have to shovel your car out before Monday

3) Bae don’t hit you up and you bored

Alright since I started writing this on Friday and I’m finishing this Today (Saturday) I take back what is said about people being over dramatic. This snow is crazy. I almost died shoveling that snow this morning. But be safe out this people.



Does Age Matter?

Hi People!

I know it seems like I always talk about relationships but Im really just talking about stages I am going through in life at the moment so you guys are going to have to bare with me because I’m only 22. So, Does age really matter when it comes to relationships/dating? When it comes to dating I know that some women like to date men that are older than them. Women tend to find older men more mature and attractive, Why is that? It’s not like younger guys are any different. I was watching this show called “Younger” starring the amazing Hilary Duff. The show is about a¬†40 years old named Liza, who is recently divorced and¬†her husband leaves her for a younger woman. While a¬†26-year-old man who guesses he and Liza are about the same age. His compliment sparks an idea in Liza: she decides to get a makeover,¬†¬†in order to pass herself off as 26 years old. You should watch the show its really good!!


That got me thinking, Does age really matter? For me I feel like dating and looks really don’t matter. It all depends how you mentally connect with the person. I know I know you just rolled your eyes in the back of your head at that clich√© statement but it is so true. You can have a guy that looks like David Beckham or Micheal B. Jordan or a woman that looks like J Lo or Rihanna, and they can act like the most childish human beings on this earth. But you click with a person that can be 5-10 years younger/older than you that doesn’t have the looks that you desire¬†in a boyfriend or girlfriend.

So really the questions is for you, Do you care about the persons age and looks when you are in a relationship? Or is it all about having a connection and being able to hold a conversation when your dating?

Will Marriage be Obsolete??

Hi People!

Today I was at work and I was talking to one of the guys I worked with on our lunch break. We were talking about this dating app called Tinder, He told me that he uses it to find girls in his area to either go on a date with or to just hangout with. I told him that I used it once only because I was bored and wanted to see if I can actually find interesting¬†guys in my area. So we were talking and he came out of nowhere and told me that I should read this article called 5 Reasons We Can’t Handle Marriage Anymore. So he sent me the link and while I was eating my lunch I found it truly interesting.

REASON 1:¬†Sex Becomes Almost Non-Existent, He¬†says that sex is put in our faces everyday that if and when we get married it will not be a thing that we crave from our partner anymore. I know we all want to have that perfect life, by having that dream job, perfect husband or wife, and kids. But in reality when or if we get that, sex will not be as desired as it should. Given that we only desire people by their looks no matter how many times you say you don’t, you do. Is a shame that er don’t desire people’s heart anymore.

REASON 2: Finances Cripple Us, Now this is one things that I can defiantly relate to and I know anyone reading this can too. He states in the article that back in the day¬†it did not cost $200,000 for an education. It never costed $300,000 for a home either. And that is one thing that is hurting our generation rite now. At the age of 20 you have to start to thinking about paying off your student loans, finding a job that can help you play off those loans, find a place to live, utilities, living expenses and the list goes on and on. No matter how many degrees you get now, it still takes away an important aspect of your relationship. Trust me no matter how hard you say you can do it you can’t take care of all of that and still be passionate about your relationship.

REASON 3:We’re More Connected Than Ever Before, But Completely Disconnected At The Same Time, This reason is the one everyone needs to really pay attention too, because in this generation there’s no physical connection attached to anything anymore. With reading this article it made me realize how true it is. We send a text to our boyfriend or girlfriend to tell them you made dinner reservations, You have flowers delivered to your girlfriend’s job on an app. Where back than you actually had to go in the flower shop and actually arrange flowers and write your own had written card. We have removed all human connection and emotion to what we call romance in our relationships, and replaced it with blue and grey bubbles.

REASON 4: Our Desire For Attention Outweighs Our Desire To Be Loved, We all love social media. We all need that one like on our pictures and we all want that person to comment with the heart eyes under our pictures. And we all have to have that picture taken before we go out and post in on Instagram or Snapchat. Yes, we know your pretty. But is that really necessary?

REASON 5: Social Media Just Invited A Few Thousand People In Bed With You, Try to keep things private. Have something you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can sit and talk about. Everything is not meant for the eyes of other people.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this. I know it was long but I really thought this was a pretty interesting article. Here’s the link

Blog Talk

Today I promised myself that in 2016 I would express myself more. I feel like I’m going to have a little bit of a hard time doing that, only because I am such a closed caged person and tend to just keep everything in. So I’m pushing myself to at least write things down on here so that you guys can a little bit of an understanding of my personality. Well rite now I’m in my room listening to Daniel Caesar – Paradise which is sort of a self evaluating song, if you guys ever heard of him or the song. It sounds amazing when your just sitting in your room and want to have that Alice in Wonderland feel lol, If that makes any sense. But anyway I wanted to kind of talk about my future for 2016.

Here is just a few things that I want to accomplish in 2016: Moving out, Getting a job in Entertainment PR, Getting a puppy, Start a Podcast, and many more things. I don’t think I will really touch on all of those because my brain wonders and probably won’t allow me to do that lol. But I’ve been thinking about moving out of the house. I’m 22 years old, birthday is February 15 for people who didn’t know lol, but I really wanna live on my own because I want to have those so-called adult responsibilities hat people cry about all the time. I miss living on my own because I had that sense of freedom. So rite now I am looking for places downtown. It’s coming along so far. If you know of any hit me up in the inbox.

I want this year to be filled or big moves and major keys all day long lol *wise words of DJ Khaled* But to be honest I have so much going on in my head that I really can even stay focused on one topic on here lol. So if whoever read this far I APPRECIATE you!!!!! I want you to do me a favor, tell me what you want me to talk about or ask me questions so I can answer them on here and give you my thoughts. But I hope you enjoy the music and the random convo I just jotted down on here lol

Peace. Love. & Abundance


Can You Take Down The Hoverboard?

This new trends has taken the world by storm, from kids to teenagers to even your sons or daughters fresh out of college. Everybody is getting their hands on a hoverborad or IO-Hawk for the people that a technical. But there adults want to be in the loop so bad that they think that they can handle one. But there also have been a problem of them catching on fire while riding them fora short distance. So here is a video of adults failing at riding a overboard and also people talking about their boards catching on fire. ENJOY!!