Fashion Killers

Tina Lauryn Burnett,3rd and Market, Philadelphia Gabby, Walnut St, Philadelphia Glen and DJ, Walnut St, Philadelphia Lauren Dorsay Claire Stetka, Sansom St, Philadelphia Julian Coleman @itsjulianking,Broad St, Philadelphia Marcus, Walnut St, Philadelphia Angel Anthony @angelindisguize,Chestnut St, Philadelphia Jeremy Nguyen @jinxd_angel,off 12th St, Philadelphia Brae Howard @braehoward,Broad St, Philadelphia Craig Blankenship,Frankford Ave, Fishtown, Philadelphia Marcus Branch @, Broad St, Philadelphia Barry Jackson, Sansom St, Philadelphia Dave Brown,Walnut St, Philadelphia Michelle Tanten,Walnut St, Philadelphia Desiree Smith @flowersonbayonets,Walnut St, Philadelphia

Philly’s style comes without a title. It is whatever you feel or whatever your personality is, Some people may dress urban. Or some people may dress weird. You never know what you get walking the streets of Philly. Style is something that people bring to the table and want to broadcast their own way. Also their personally may come in effect of the way they dress or reflection on what mood their in. The way I see style in Philly is a certain type of norm. If I saw somebody walking down the street in Philly I could tell if they were from here or not. It is just something that I have grown up seeing, so if you want to say that dressing weird is normal in Philly you can. Here are some photos where you can see how Philly fashion kills the streets (in a good way lol) and maybe compare it to your cities style…. Comment!

Photo Credit to Brent 

Check his blog out!!!!


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