Photo Finish


iPhone move aside there has been another camera that has taken over the scene. The Polaroid camera has made its comeback and is now a big thing on the market for capturing the best moments on vacations, school trips and even to capture back to school memories.

This is more of an attraction for taking pictures on your iPhone because first, people do not want to take pictures on their phone in places where they might drop it in water or in the sky (skydiving) etc. So taking pictures with this portable polaroid camera it gives you that type of freedom to take pictures where or whenever you want. Plus, polaroids are in that cute old fashioned look.

The popular polaroid camera is the Fuji film New Instax mini 8, It comes in many different colors such as Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow.

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One thought on “Photo Finish

  1. I’d like to see a bit more writing here. What do you think of this? What does it say about people’s desire to take pictures they can hold instead of using their phones? A lot of things to be considered.

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