Rude or Polite

Sleeping on the subway. It happens to the best of us but when it comes to the holding our heads up, its a struggle. But we do need that supportive person next to us to be nice and let our heads fall on their shoulder. No?

I looked at a series of photos and there are some people that don’t want to have a stranger have their head lay on their shoulder for the minutes or seconds that they are one the subway. I think that it since you don’t know what type of day that person had you should lend a shoulder for that person to sleep on.

You decide.

tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo2_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo6_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo1_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo3_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo5_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo7_1280 tumblr_mwnj5olKGN1rpri2zo4_1280


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