IMG_3642_2Hold Up, She’s back? I know thats why you guys are saying to yourselves. But trust me I am here for good now Lol.

I have took some time off to get my life back on the right track. Since graduating from Penn State University in May. Trust me life after college is really not as easy as some people say it is, it is all about the hard work and definitely dedication.  My life has not been a easy one, I know the people that have just graduated from college can understand where I’m coming from, and the people that hasn’t graduated yet……. oh you will find out. I wish you guys the best of  luck.

But lets get back to my return to my blog/ website/ life whatever you want to call it Lol. I am trying to really make this blog interactive and try to really get some exclusive interviews and news for your guys. I know this blog may seem a little boring rite now,  I don’t want you guys to feel like that after today. I have one thing to say to you guys



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