Devvon Terrell has landed

Devvon Terrell is from Brooklyn, New York and this living weirdo is the master at bodying a hip-hop track using R&B vocals. As you can tell from watching his youtube videos this guys is a very talented singer. Terrell is a guy with multiple talents such as, shooting and editing videos to engineering, mixing and mastering all of his music.

With his version of Fetty Wap’s “679” and Drake & Future’s “Jumpman“he is taking covers to a whole new level.

Devvon Terrell recently released his first album titled “Weird Sexy Cool” and earned a the spot of top 16 albums on the itunes RNB charts. You can check it out here. With all of this talent being shown already this guy won’t have any problem with becoming a mainstream artist anytime soon.

If you want to see if Devvon is going on tour or find out anymore information go to his twitter and follow him on Instagram.


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