Rihanna and Puma collaboration


Photo: Courtesy of Puma

 Back in December Rihanna was named the creator director for Puma. If you fast forward almost a year later Rihanna is making a big splash at the Puma headquarters. While we are taking about the little things in life Rihanna is taking over the sneaker world rite in front of our eyes. If you haven’t heard the 27-year-old recently launched her line of “creepers” back in September.

puma-rihanna    I am so excited to finally introduce the PUMA Creeper to the world. Partnering with PUMA has given me the opportunity to create pieces that are unique and unexpected. I really wanted to dig into their archive and give classic silhouettes my own spin. The PUMA Creeper is just that.


Brand Ambassador andPUMA_RHIANNA_blacktan091615_5_1024x10241

Creative Director 

Also, sometime in November there will be another release of two more color ways of the creeper (pink and white). So if you really like the perviously released collection keep and eye out because they might be holdout at a blink of an eye.

tumblr_nxxvt5Utz21u6y3dwo2_1280 tumblr_nxxvt5Utz21u6y3dwo1_1280



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