Camera Update


Alright, for people who don’t know me personally,sucks to be you lol. No, but seriously just to give you guys a little info about me, I was a Communications major at Penn State University. I have almost every bit of knowledge of Writing, News Writing, Advertising etc., throughout the years of my college career there was one thing that really caught my heart and it was Photography. I don’t know what it is about taking picture of random things or people but it gives me a sense of escape. I know that might sound crazy but when I take pictures of something and it comes out not how I pictured it (no pun intended), in the end I know that its ok because everything comes with time and patients. Some pictures might look blurry in places you didn’t want to look blurry or you might have had a angle in your head and when you took the picture it doesn’t come out that way.

Clearly, that is why you would have a millions pictures from on day. But once you get home and you find that one picture, and question if you took that picture or not. That feeling makes you so excited or for me at least. Or you end up questing if someone like Annie Leibovitz come and picked up your camera while you weren’t looking. For people who don’t know who Annie Leibovitz is, she started doing photography in 1970, where she began doing work for Rolling Stone magazine. She became Rolling Stone’s chief photographer in 1973. By the time she left the magazine, 10 years later, she had shot 142 covers. In 1983, she joined the staff at Vanity Fair, and in 1998 she also began working regularly for Vogue.

Sorry to give you a history lesson but I admire her work so much. But she shot for VOGUE PEOPLE, VOGUE.

But anyways, I plan on buying a good photography camera later now this year and I want to know some of your thoughts on a good camera. At the moment I’m really just looking on that has great quality and that shoots in 1080p and shoots good refined pictures. So if you have any suggestions please send them my way 🙂




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