Is Chivalry Dead?


Here is a little question you for you. Now, I have been on my fair share of dates over the past 22 years lol, and I have yet to go on a date with a guy that has either opened the door for me, pulled my chair out, or better yet paid for the bill (minus one guy). I know what you are going to say, Its 2015 and women shouldn’t expect that to happen  from a guy. BUT WHY?!?!? These days women only get approached from a guy on the street that’s going to follow them almost a whole block just talking about how beautiful they are, and begging for their number. I feel like guys try too hard to get a girl’s attention. Which is such a turn off.  Something like that should be natural. And living in Philly, it is really a tough place to find something or someone that’s real or serious. Or someone that’s really interested in you.

There was a video that I watched, that really put this question into my head.  Why when women come across a guy that is being a “Gentleman”, it’s a shock?  Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect these guys out here to just change their ways overnight on how they approach us, but I mean can you at least have some consideration on how us women really want to be treated as a whole? And not just think that all we want in life is to flirt and have sex for the rest of our lives. I mean yeah, thats all cool in college and a couple years after that but mid 20’s we want to see what else you guys can offer to us. Trust me.

The choreographer in the video is named Ian Eastwood, and the female dancer is his girlfriend. He came up with this video on Valentines Day, it was a really cute video and the message is  extremely clever. Ian breaks down how the concept of the video came about, “When this song came to me there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do because nothing is more of maturing lesson in life than becoming a gentleman and treating not some but all women with respect.”

If you read this far comment why you think Chivalry is so important.

Here is the video


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