Blog Talk

Today I promised myself that in 2016 I would express myself more. I feel like I’m going to have a little bit of a hard time doing that, only because I am such a closed caged person and tend to just keep everything in. So I’m pushing myself to at least write things down on here so that you guys can a little bit of an understanding of my personality. Well rite now I’m in my room listening to Daniel Caesar – Paradise which is sort of a self evaluating song, if you guys ever heard of him or the song. It sounds amazing when your just sitting in your room and want to have that Alice in Wonderland feel lol, If that makes any sense. But anyway I wanted to kind of talk about my future for 2016.

Here is just a few things that I want to accomplish in 2016: Moving out, Getting a job in Entertainment PR, Getting a puppy, Start a Podcast, and many more things. I don’t think I will really touch on all of those because my brain wonders and probably won’t allow me to do that lol. But I’ve been thinking about moving out of the house. I’m 22 years old, birthday is February 15 for people who didn’t know lol, but I really wanna live on my own because I want to have those so-called adult responsibilities hat people cry about all the time. I miss living on my own because I had that sense of freedom. So rite now I am looking for places downtown. It’s coming along so far. If you know of any hit me up in the inbox.

I want this year to be filled or big moves and major keys all day long lol *wise words of DJ Khaled* But to be honest I have so much going on in my head that I really can even stay focused on one topic on here lol. So if whoever read this far I APPRECIATE you!!!!! I want you to do me a favor, tell me what you want me to talk about or ask me questions so I can answer them on here and give you my thoughts. But I hope you enjoy the music and the random convo I just jotted down on here lol

Peace. Love. & Abundance



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