Will Marriage be Obsolete??

Hi People!

Today I was at work and I was talking to one of the guys I worked with on our lunch break. We were talking about this dating app called Tinder, He told me that he uses it to find girls in his area to either go on a date with or to just hangout with. I told him that I used it once only because I was bored and wanted to see if I can actually find interesting guys in my area. So we were talking and he came out of nowhere and told me that I should read this article called 5 Reasons We Can’t Handle Marriage Anymore. So he sent me the link and while I was eating my lunch I found it truly interesting.

REASON 1: Sex Becomes Almost Non-Existent, He says that sex is put in our faces everyday that if and when we get married it will not be a thing that we crave from our partner anymore. I know we all want to have that perfect life, by having that dream job, perfect husband or wife, and kids. But in reality when or if we get that, sex will not be as desired as it should. Given that we only desire people by their looks no matter how many times you say you don’t, you do. Is a shame that er don’t desire people’s heart anymore.

REASON 2: Finances Cripple Us, Now this is one things that I can defiantly relate to and I know anyone reading this can too. He states in the article that back in the day it did not cost $200,000 for an education. It never costed $300,000 for a home either. And that is one thing that is hurting our generation rite now. At the age of 20 you have to start to thinking about paying off your student loans, finding a job that can help you play off those loans, find a place to live, utilities, living expenses and the list goes on and on. No matter how many degrees you get now, it still takes away an important aspect of your relationship. Trust me no matter how hard you say you can do it you can’t take care of all of that and still be passionate about your relationship.

REASON 3:We’re More Connected Than Ever Before, But Completely Disconnected At The Same Time, This reason is the one everyone needs to really pay attention too, because in this generation there’s no physical connection attached to anything anymore. With reading this article it made me realize how true it is. We send a text to our boyfriend or girlfriend to tell them you made dinner reservations, You have flowers delivered to your girlfriend’s job on an app. Where back than you actually had to go in the flower shop and actually arrange flowers and write your own had written card. We have removed all human connection and emotion to what we call romance in our relationships, and replaced it with blue and grey bubbles.

REASON 4: Our Desire For Attention Outweighs Our Desire To Be Loved, We all love social media. We all need that one like on our pictures and we all want that person to comment with the heart eyes under our pictures. And we all have to have that picture taken before we go out and post in on Instagram or Snapchat. Yes, we know your pretty. But is that really necessary?

REASON 5: Social Media Just Invited A Few Thousand People In Bed With You, Try to keep things private. Have something you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can sit and talk about. Everything is not meant for the eyes of other people.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this. I know it was long but I really thought this was a pretty interesting article. Here’s the link


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