Does Age Matter?

Hi People!

I know it seems like I always talk about relationships but Im really just talking about stages I am going through in life at the moment so you guys are going to have to bare with me because I’m only 22. So, Does age really matter when it comes to relationships/dating? When it comes to dating I know that some women like to date men that are older than them. Women tend to find older men more mature and attractive, Why is that? It’s not like younger guys are any different. I was watching this show called “Younger” starring the amazing Hilary Duff. The show is about a 40 years old named Liza, who is recently divorced and her husband leaves her for a younger woman. While a 26-year-old man who guesses he and Liza are about the same age. His compliment sparks an idea in Liza: she decides to get a makeover,  in order to pass herself off as 26 years old. You should watch the show its really good!!


That got me thinking, Does age really matter? For me I feel like dating and looks really don’t matter. It all depends how you mentally connect with the person. I know I know you just rolled your eyes in the back of your head at that cliché statement but it is so true. You can have a guy that looks like David Beckham or Micheal B. Jordan or a woman that looks like J Lo or Rihanna, and they can act like the most childish human beings on this earth. But you click with a person that can be 5-10 years younger/older than you that doesn’t have the looks that you desire in a boyfriend or girlfriend.

So really the questions is for you, Do you care about the persons age and looks when you are in a relationship? Or is it all about having a connection and being able to hold a conversation when your dating?


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