The Snow In

Hi People! đŸ™‚

If you don’t know by now there is supposed to be this crazy snowstorm where there is an estimate of 15-20″ of snow. I understand that the news is supposed to warn us about the seriousness of any situation but they are take their privilege of giving us information. Like they are scaring these people that our houses are going to be buried by this snow. Everything is going to be alright people. The worst that can happen is that you might can open the door to shovel your car out for work on Monday lol. But that’s the worst that can actually happen. In Philly they are shutting down SEPTA (our public transportation) until Sunday @ 4pm smh. SMH

Here are some PROS of getting snowed in this weekend:

1) Get to drink all the Hot Chocolate you want for FREE!!!


3) Netflix & Chill for two days straight, No interruptions

4) Snuggled up with your boo (the fortunate ones)

Here are the CONS:

1) Bored out of your mind the first few hours on Saturday

2) Gonna have to shovel your car out before Monday

3) Bae don’t hit you up and you bored

Alright since I started writing this on Friday and I’m finishing this Today (Saturday) I take back what is said about people being over dramatic. This snow is crazy. I almost died shoveling that snow this morning. But be safe out this people.




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