Happy Hump Day!!

Hi Lovely People!

Well today has been a very shady / exciting day, wasn’t it? We had new music from the Queen Rihanna and Drake called ‘Work’, which was looooonnnnggg overdue. If you want to hear my opinion on the song, here’s what my step by step reaction

My reaction when I heard the song was coming out this morning @ 8am


And here was my reaction when I actually heard the song (while getting dressed for work) 200.gif



Just know that it’s definitely going to be played 24/7 till summer.

In other shady news …

Kanye was at it again on twitter. He ranted about Wiz and his upcoming album ‘WAVES’ for hours on twitter (later deleted), only because Wiz was a little upset that Kanye changed his album from ‘SWISH’ to ‘WAVES’, So Kanye came after how if it wasn’t for him(Kanye) Wiz wouldn’t have a kid, and even brought up how he dresses better than Wiz. To me it was really not that serious for Kanye to be that upset about Wiz’s opinion on the album change. But the only person I gave a standing ovation to was  *Drumrolls* MUVA AMBER ROSE, her clapback was so shady she just need one CZwYtxJUUAAqa6q.png-large.png


I laughed so hard I really think I pulled a vocal cord. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed today more than I did.

Peace. Love. Abundance


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