Does Instagram Likes Bother You?

Hi People 🙂

Ok. I was watching this video by these two guys from Brampton, Ontario. I found them about a year ago by just watching a vologger (a person who records their life), and their video was recommend. So I clicked on it and have been watching them ever since. They have a channel on YouTube called 4yallent, I’m telling you they’re HILARIOUS. But anyway back to the topic (wise words by J Cole), I went to their other channel where they have a round table and talk about random topics and one of them was about if it was ok for your girl to like guys pictures on Instagram?

While watching the discussion I was talking to my best friend Leah!! Shoutout to her, she said “If your in a relationship the girl and the guy cannot like the opposite sex pictures on Instagram.” I respect her opinion but I think that it’s not a big deal if you like a guys picture or if your man likes another girls picture. I say that only because to me Instagram is not that serious nor do I find it intimating. If you’ve have been with a person for over a year you really shouldn’t be worried about if your man likes a random girl’s picture. Plus, If I fine a random guy attractive on Instagram and I like his picture that shouldn’t affect our relationship. But Leah argued that being in a relationship you should only be liking your boyfriend of girlfriend’s pictures. I literally almost died from that statement. That’s like being on punishment and I have to only like my boyfriend’s pictures. That’s a no go. But commenting is a whole other story for another day. Social Media is a place where you shouldn’t be restricted from being you. Below is the video, watch it and tell me if it hurts you that you boyfriend or girlfriend likes other people pictures on Instagram.





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