My New Favorite Snack

I have started my diet, and I came across these Vegan snacks called TRUE NORTH. They have No Trans Fat, Gluten Free and plus they are SUPER GOOD!! I wanted to start with the vegan snacks and work my way to eating vegan foods. I found out that they were really appetizing and fulfilling. I get full from eating only 5. I researched the company that makes this delicious snacks and come to find out, they only have three varieties. They have

ALMOND PECAN Crunch which is perfectly roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews that joins forces in these lightly sweetened nut clusters to provide you with the perfect balance of salty and sweet delicious snacking. Made with organic sugar, non-GMO ingredients and a touch of sea salt, these little bites are truly crave-worthy. They are also gluten free, vegan, non-dairy and an excellent source of Vitamin E to support your active lifestyle.

CHOCOLATE CRUNCH if your a chocolate lover here’s your fix. Their Chocolate Nut Crunch gives you that chocolate fix combined with the goodness of almonds, pecans, and cashews. These milk chocolate dipped nut clusters are great portable snacks with no artificial colors, no preservative, no trans fat, and no cholesterol.

The other one that they have out that I didn’t get was the CHASEW CRUNCH are crunchy roasted cashews are combined with crunchy rice crisps for an explosion of taste and texture. Simple vegan, gluten free, non-dairy, non-GMO ingredients with a hint of sea salt and organic sugar make this snack great nourishment to fuel your get up and go. You can probably enjoy at breakfast in your Greek yogurt or throw them in your car for quick and easy snacking.

I came across them by my daily ritual of going to WAWA and looking from some snacks for work. Since I’m on my little diet I’ve decided to look for some low fat snacks. It look me about 5 minutes to come across my newly beloved snacks. These tasty bites are full of energy and protein, plus they’re portable for any activity – from your regular gym routine, to biking, hiking and camping.

Untitled 2       © 2016 – B&G Foods, Inc. All Rights Reserved

I recommend these to anybody that loves to eat snacks all the time, because thats all I used to do. But now I can snack on these all day and not gain any weight.


Peace. Love. Happiness


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