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Hi People! ūüôā

I am here to have a quick discussion with you guys on ‘Friends With Benefits’. This seems like this topic or situation is coming up a little more than expected. What made me want to talk about it with you guys is that I came across this video on YouTube, while I was doing my daily browsing as usual. Anyways, I have been following this person on YouTube for a while, his name is Ricky Shucks and he has been making YouTube videos for a while now. But he just came up with this little segment called “The Poon & the Peen” with¬†Shan Boodram. They focus on Sex and Relationships etc.,¬†hearing both of their sides on different topics are very insightful. But back to topic, friends with benefits is something that I did consider with a guy that I was talking to way back when. Lol. But I have friends that are in this situation or some that don’t even know it or have been in this situation and got hurt emotionally from this. I am just going to give you my insight on this topic.¬†If the sex is not any different from your pervious relationship than it’s NOT worth it. Find a guy or girl that is worth wild. You have to both be on the same page as to where you both stand in each others life, such as being good friends first or just throwing yourself in with a complete stranger you met from a bar. You both have to establish which is first the benefits or the friends part. Both have to be comfortable with still being friends, because once it’s over you guys still want to be cool in the end and not have things be awkward. Are you going to catch feelings in a mouth? We all now how this will go if the question is yes. Lol. (abort mission) I know it may seem easy when you just say it but have you guys seen The Movie Friends With Benefits??

Always say this to yourself if you see things going to the next level with your feelings. Lol.

Girls and some guys, just know that girl/guys will not stick to this forever (just know that). Because¬†if you want a relationship ,which doesn’t have to be with that person, you have to know what you want in LIFE. This goes for guys too. If you don’t know what you want in life your going to be confused in your future relationship(s). When you actually want to settle down and be with that one person, you want it to work so get your life together. One thing that I connected with in the video was when Rick said “If a dude really like you, you’ll never be friends with benefits”. Which I totally agree with. So if you want to watch the video it is below and comment you opinion on this topic and I’ll see if I agree with you one not. Lol



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