Blog Talk

Hi People! 🙂 I am here to have a quick discussion with you guys on ‘Friends With Benefits’. This seems like this topic or situation is coming up a little more than expected. What made me want to talk about it with you guys is that I came across this video on YouTube, while I […]

My New Favorite Snack

I have started my diet, and I came across these Vegan snacks called TRUE NORTH. They have No Trans Fat, Gluten Free and plus they are SUPER GOOD!! I wanted to start with the vegan snacks and work my way to eating vegan foods. I found out that they were really appetizing and fulfilling. I […]

Does Instagram Likes Bother You?

Hi People 🙂 Ok. I was watching this video by these two guys from Brampton, Ontario. I found them about a year ago by just watching a vologger (a person who records their life), and their video was recommend. So I clicked on it and have been watching them ever since. They have a channel […]

New Music

There has been A LOT of music that has been released and I fell like I want to share some of the music I have been playing the most. Consider you guys privileged because I don’t really like revealing songs that I listen to, So I will only give you my top 5 tracks that […]

Happy Hump Day!!

Hi Lovely People! Well today has been a very shady / exciting day, wasn’t it? We had new music from the Queen Rihanna and Drake called ‘Work’, which was looooonnnnggg overdue. If you want to hear my opinion on the song, here’s what my step by step reaction My reaction when I heard the song was […]

The Snow In

Hi People! 🙂 If you don’t know by now there is supposed to be this crazy snowstorm where there is an estimate of 15-20″ of snow. I understand that the news is supposed to warn us about the seriousness of any situation but they are take their privilege of giving us information. Like they are […]

Does Age Matter?

Hi People! I know it seems like I always talk about relationships but Im really just talking about stages I am going through in life at the moment so you guys are going to have to bare with me because I’m only 22. So, Does age really matter when it comes to relationships/dating? When it […]