The Come Up Of Music

Aaron Camper – Water Runs Dry

Even though this is a cover from Boyz II Men, Aaron turns it into his own and he doesn’t disappoint. This song is on Aaron’s 2011 mixtape called “Welcome To My Word,” where you can download here. This cover has a nice little bop to this version of the classic 90’s song.

So take a listen to the classic here

And listen to Mr. Aaron’s AMAZING rendition!!! The song will have you like this when you done I promise



Is Chivalry Dead?


Here is a little question you for you. Now, I have been on my fair share of dates over the past 22 years lol, and I have yet to go on a date with a guy that has either opened the door for me, pulled my chair out, or better yet paid for the bill (minus one guy). I know what you are going to say, Its 2015 and women shouldn’t expect that to happen  from a guy. BUT WHY?!?!? These days women only get approached from a guy on the street that’s going to follow them almost a whole block just talking about how beautiful they are, and begging for their number. I feel like guys try too hard to get a girl’s attention. Which is such a turn off.  Something like that should be natural. And living in Philly, it is really a tough place to find something or someone that’s real or serious. Or someone that’s really interested in you.

There was a video that I watched, that really put this question into my head.  Why when women come across a guy that is being a “Gentleman”, it’s a shock?  Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect these guys out here to just change their ways overnight on how they approach us, but I mean can you at least have some consideration on how us women really want to be treated as a whole? And not just think that all we want in life is to flirt and have sex for the rest of our lives. I mean yeah, thats all cool in college and a couple years after that but mid 20’s we want to see what else you guys can offer to us. Trust me.

The choreographer in the video is named Ian Eastwood, and the female dancer is his girlfriend. He came up with this video on Valentines Day, it was a really cute video and the message is  extremely clever. Ian breaks down how the concept of the video came about, “When this song came to me there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do because nothing is more of maturing lesson in life than becoming a gentleman and treating not some but all women with respect.”

If you read this far comment why you think Chivalry is so important.

Here is the video

Blog Talk


This is something that I just thought of and thought would be cool to start and get people who view this blog to actually comment lol. Alright, here is what Blog Talk is basically about. Here I will either post a video, picture or anything else. You will either watch the video or look at the picture and tell me what you guys think of it or what your views stand on either the video, picture etc.

For example, Here is a video

1.You guys will comment if you agree or disagree with the video.

2.If you want to more like it or if its entertain or not.

Well I’m pretty sure you guys get the point by  now on how this will work lol. I just want this blog to be fun you the people that are viewing it 🙂 So don’t be afraid to comment and tell me that what I’m posting is wack or not lol.


Fabolous ft. Chris Brown – “She Wildin”

in the year 2015,  we were going back in time with music videos. Now we are traveling threw time again with the Fabulous’ video”She Wildin”. After a year, we are finally getting a video. Just 3 seconds into the video they are taking it back to a “House Party” theme.

I love the video because it is just people smiling and having fun. It shows how back in the day house parties were so cool and not just stalking a girl down to get a dance. Take a look at the video!

First Episode of J. Cole’s ‘Road to Homecoming’ Mini-Doc Series

The “Oh So Talented” Cole has hit us again with a surprise. If you don’t know by now, the North Carolina rapper has announced that he is going to premier his exclusive HBO presentation called  J. COLE FOREST HILLS DRIVE: HOMECOMING, debuting January 9th (10:00–11:30 p.m. ET/PT). He will be giving everyone the background story on the road to his biggest album Forest Hills Drive.

Earlier today Cole released the first episode of his mini documentaries, He will be releasing mini docs every week leading up to the HBO premier. You can watch the first episode below.

Also, you can read his full message on the series below, and be sure to tune into Cole’s HBO special on Jan. 9!!! I want to know what you guys think about  what J Cole. Comment Below!!!CWXXiPrUsAALT1Y_nzgq6v


Hot(Line Bling) Art

I have came across this artist on Tumbr and I was really moved by this mans art work. His name is Musa Drammen and he is known for his astounding art work with just ball point pens. But there was one portrait that caught my eye, Drake’s picture in his Hotline Bling video. You can see more of his work on his Instagram.

9 hours 45 minutes and 37 seconds

But, here is some of his other work!!Untitledcb.pngim.png

New Music : Chris Brown

There has been a ton of music being dropped today that I can’t even think straight. Such as Fabulous, Wayne, Yo Gotti and Erykah Badu, I will give my review on them taller one this week. I have been trying to listen Chris Brown’s mixtape that also dropped today. Be he kind of blew my mind with dropping a mixtape “Before The Party” on Datpiff today with a 34 tracklist.

Now I know Chris wants to give us some of his best work but 34 songs might be a little too much for one mixtape. I couldn’t get passed the 3rd song. But thats just me, tell me what you guys think about the 34 song tracklist and tell me what one your going to be blasting over the holidays.

New Music : Kendrick and J Cole


STOP what you are doing and listen to this announcement.

J Cole and Kendrick have gave us one of the best gifts you could buy on #BlackFriday. They released 2 freestyles. J Cole rapped over Kendrick’s ‘Alright’ and Kendrick rapped over Cole’s ‘A Tales of Two Cities.’ If you don’t know there has been speculation about if Kendrick and Cole were going to come out with a collaboration album in the beginning for this year. When that didn’t happen people thought we were never going to get one. But in J Cole’s  cover he says “When you and KDot sh*t drop? B*tch never. They can’t handle two black n*ggaz this clever. ” He also goes on to say- “But this February bet sh*t get scary when I f*ck around and drop *Track cuts off*. ”

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited about February for two reason now. My birthday and for this collaboration album.

Take your pick on the best.